Port Authority forced to give some free rides - Due to staff shortages , T operators often let people in and out the overcrowded cars without requesting proof of payment. "Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie said operators have the discretion to let people board or exit without paying, to avoid long delays: "Generally, we err on the side of keeping people moving."

Public transit benefits everyone in the region  (Letters to the Editor - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Full Text of Governor's Corbett Budget Speech and Pittsburgh-Post Gazette article on the budget address:

"Asked if he could guarantee worried Port Authority transit riders that their service will be preserved, the governor said, "No, I can't tell them that ... I don't know that right now."
The authority has announced plans to cut 35 percent of service on Sept. 2 if it doesn't get help with a projected $64 million budget deficit."

Public-Hearing Afterthoughts

Campaign for What it Works -  Testimonials for transit

"Green Tree borough manager W. David Montz, in testimony Wednesday, said his community in recent years has invested more than $400,000 in transportation infrastructure, including the installation of new sidewalks and a Park-n-Ride lot with 182 permitted lots. 
"This will not only affect Green Tree, but the entire regional economy," Montz said. "Everyday you hear that the Parkway is backed up from Green Tree to the tunnels. What's next? From Robinson to the tunnels?" : Riders speak against Transit Cuts- Upper St.Clair Patch

"When I took this job a few months ago, this was the one crisis that was looming," said County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, who gave opening remarks this morning. "If we don't come up with a plan that keeps transit viable and keeps transit running in a broad-based manner in this county, it threatens to undo the economic growth we've experienced in the last few years."

Pittsburghers for Public Transit - rally :

 The story goes on: 

On the Record with Port Authority of Allegheny County CEO Steve Bland - Lauren Daley in the  Pittsburgh City Paper

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald has appointed former Pennsylvania Turnpike CEO Joe Brimmeier to the Port Authority board of directors.

"We are the wealthiest nation in the world. So why are we struggling to maintain basic public services?" asks City Council Member Natalia Rudiak. An objective, well-written op-ed piece published in the Post Gazette making the case for public transportation funding: A sorry story of transit and taxes.