Monday, November 22, 2010

On the most recent service changes

Did you forget about the November 21st service changes?
Well I did, and as a consequence in my way to church yesterday I missed the bus by only two minutes so I had to walk about a mile. Luckily yesterday had been a great day for a walk and since we also celebrated my son’s birthday this weekend, it had been a good occasion to burn those extra calories from that yummy chocolate cake.
But I know one person who did not forget about the November 21st changes. Go ahead an read more on his blog:

No routes will be renamed or renumbered for the TDP on this schedule change. Port Authority is changing 46 routes based on public comment, ridership demand, and a few clean-ups to TDP "bloopers". Many routes have minor routing and time changes as a result of normal adjustments. Read my summaries of the changes below, and for more details, visit Port Authority's Schedule Adjustment Page. It is great to see that the Port Authority is responding to public input on these changes, however it will be nearly impossible for it to do so if the funding situation is not resolved. Please contact your legislator and Governor and demand that public transit to be funded properly. If funding is not provided, the March changes will be an attempt to serve the riders with 35% less service. I believe it is nearly impossible to properly serve the Pittsburgh area with 35% less service. Please stay tuned for another blog post this week on the subject of the funding issue."

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  1. @PGHtransit
    Error in 68J schedule: 1st two outbound trips leaving Downtown at 6:35a & 6:55a will not serve N Versailles Park & Ride (Walmart)...