Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Riding transit with children and having fun...

If we would try to debunk transit related myths the one myth we would deal often when parents are involved is that transit and kids are definitely not a match. Because…
Why? Because it is not safe, buses stink and you may expose your children to unwanted social influences… Or simply because children and transit it isn’t fun …

Michael Sypolt however, disagrees:

“Yesterday, I decided to take my five year old twin girls out to Phipps via
transit. Looking at the title, you might say, how can a day be "beautiful" when
trying to take five year old girls on mass transit. Even more interestingly, I
took them out alone while my wife was having some much needed time away from the children. The day was really enjoyable, for both Dad and the children.”


  1. I ride the bus all of the time with my son, 4½, he loves it! He can ask questions about the things he sees & I can answer without being distracted by traffic. He sees both the bus & the train as an adventure! :)

  2. @Annie.
    Thanks for visiting!

    My youngest children love to ride the bus too. What they do not like is waiting for the bus; we live in a world of ready-made things nowadays and lose patience way to easily.

    I still look forward for the day when I am going to take them for a train trip. Trains are so much fun!