Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays Port Authority!

It makes me a bit sadder, as it probably makes all other PAT riders, to think that the new year will bring not only a fare increase but also service cuts. Fortunately we can still hope that those cuts will be a lot less ravaging for the network than the original projections. And hopefully the impact of any service cuts will raise local awareness on the necessity of Public Transportation services in the area and therefore a dedicated funding solution, rather than lead the whole system to collapse...

I, for one, am hopeful that the Port Authority will find in the end the solution that will work for all stakeholders. As the were able to make the new years transition less bitter with a day of free rides and a special shuttle for anyone who wants to experience the 2011 NHL Winter Classic®.
And it is all possible due to an external sponsor who will take over the costs , no need to worry about budget shortfalls.

For more information on the shuttle route and schedule as well as the free January 1st ride visit the Port Authority's website.

Until then we wish all Pittsburgh Metro transit riders Happy Holidays and a plentiful New Year!

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